The 2017 Green Fleet Awards is now open for nominations! Click here to apply.  



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Apply for the Green Fleet Awards

A Word From the Chief Judge

Thank you for entering the contest. If you are a first time applicant, congratulations for trying to be the best you can be, showing off your accomplishments on a national stage and competing with your peers. Best of luck! If you are a repeat applicant, have applied for more than two years, and have maintained a similar rank in the results, or gone down, here are some tips. You may have gone down because new applicants have entered the contest, and have sterling accomplishments that give them a higher score than your fleet. The competition and quality of the applications has really ramped up over time. Many fleets now have substantial numbers of alternative fuel vehicles in their fleets, making the other actions your organization has taken all the more important to let the judges know about.

My advice would be to not simply “cut and paste and refresh” your application from last or prior years. Rather, take a fresh look at the information you have entered: ask someone to help you and take a stab at writing some of the sections; bring in someone from the Planning or Environmental Departments to help; don’t forget to mention other sustainability actions your organization is taking outside of fleet; take each question seriously and don’t be wordy, but paint a picture of “green” actions taken and why; don’t forget to throw in interesting metrics that have resulted.

Again, good luck!

To apply for The Government Green Fleet Awards for 2017, please download the GOVERNMENT application
(it is in zipped Microsoft Word format).

To apply for The Commercial Green Fleet Awards for 2017, please download the COMMERCIAL application
(it is also in zipped Microsoft Word format).


The entry deadline is Monday, Aug. 21, 2017.

When you have completed the application,
e-mail it to

The 2017 winners of The Green Fleet Awards will be announced in Raleigh, NC on October 11-13, 2017 at the Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference.

Read more about the contest.


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